University Fleet Fueling Program

University Fleet Fueling Program

The University of Dayton has a fueling program, WEX, for all University owned fleet vehicles that are not for personal use.  Each vehicle is provided with its’ own unique credit card with which the vehicle can be fueled.  Each University employee that will be fueling the fleet vehicle will need to be set up with a unique pin number in order to use the fleet vehicle credit card.  The individual drivers will be required to complete the University drivers training through Environmental Health and Safety prior to driving fleet vehicles. 

The Procurement Office will obtain and issue the cards as needed.  Report lost or stolen cards to Procurement immediately.  The Procurement Office, when notified by the appropriate individuals, will set up the driver pin numbers. 

The WEX fuel credit cards are accepted at any fueling station in the United States.  Exceptions include but are not limited to stations that require a membership such as Sam’s Club and Costco.  


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