Purchasing a Vehicle for the University


The University traditionally purchases vehicles for executives and departments who need automobiles to conduct a significant amount of University business.  The Vehicle Coordinator is responsible to effect the purchase of all other vehicles and for the sale, transfer or other disposal of all University vehicles.

Departments should obtain at least 3 bids when possible when purchasing a vehicle.  Upon request, the Vehicle Coordinator can request quotes for potential purchases.  Once a quote has been accepted, the purchase of vehicles should be made through Runway using a PO.  The Procurement Office should be notified when a vehicle is being purchased.


Departments or divisions are not permitted to make a commitment on behalf of the University or to sign any document obligating the University regarding the purchase of any vehicle.  The VC will work with the dealership to complete all required paperwork.


The Vehicle Coordinator maintains titles for all University vehicles.

For more information about the University fleet or making a purchase, contact us by clicking on the Email button below.

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