Travel Form

Travel & Entertainment/Guest Care Expense Report Instructions

IMPORTANT: Put the travel form number, below, in your expense form.

Travel Form Number: 131977

Travel Form

Travel Entertainment/Guest Expense Form



The GENERAL section must be completed for all expense report requests.
EMPLOYEE INFO: Fill in the employee's full name, UD ID#, campus +4 zip code, department name, and phone extension.
PURPOSE: State the purpose of the expenditure clearly for IRS and audit purposes.
FUND/INDEX: Indicate the fund/index number to which the expense(s) should be charged.
DATES/SPONSOR: Indicate dates of expenditures. Complete conference sponsor and attach conference brochure if applicable.

Individual/Trip Expenses

Receipts must be attached for all expenditures greater than $20.00.
ESTIMATED EXPENSES: List estimated expenses prior to obtaining approval for a trip.

EXPENSES INCURRED: Complete this section for all actual expenses including prepayments.

CAR RENTAL/MILEAGE: Mileage reimbursement requests must specify actual mileage. The current IRS Standard Reimbursement Rate is used to calculate mileage dollar amount.  The University insurance company requires any employee claiming car rental or mileage reimbursement while on University business to be a University Certified Driver.  To obtain more information follow the link below:

University Certified Drivers Training


ENTERTAINMENT: this section must be completed for all entertainment expenses.
IRS requires all attendees and business purposes are detailed to substantiate any entertainment expense.


The AUTHORIZATION section must be completed for all expense report requests.
ACCOUNTS/TOTALS: Accounts with totals below should be listed to assure that totals are charged to proper accounts.

AUTHORIZED BEFORE TRIP: Advance authorization is required for all travel that includes an overnight stay, airfare, estimated expenses that total over $150.00.

AUTHORIZED AFTER TRIP: ALL employees must have their expenditures approved by an authorized person with a signature on file with OSA. (See policy and procedures manual for additional information on authorized signatures.)



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