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Travel & Entertainment Tips

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  • Any individual seeking reimbursement of University Funds for business related travel or entertainment must submit their request within 60 days of conclusion of the travel or date of entertainment.
  • Detailed receipts must be submitted for all single transaction expenses greater than $20
  • Entertainment expenses must include the identification of the persons or group entertained with a statement with the reason for such entertainment.
  • University Travel and Entertainment related expenses are permitted for:
  • Transportation costs, Lodging, Meals, Registration Fees, Miscellaneous Fees, (as defined in the procedures) Link?
  • Travelers are expected to park in the most economical airport parking lot when traveling on University business. At Dayton International Airport, University of Dayton employees will be reimbursed in full when using the negotiated discount at Park-N-Go for 15% off full service valet parking in lieu of parking in the economy lot. In order to utilize this discount, simply complete your profile online at which will apply the 15% discount off the standard rate.
  • Individuals will be reimbursed for actual expenditures for personal meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or the per diem rate established by the General Services Administration while traveling on University related business.
  • Only local meal expenses while in a travel status are allowed or will be reimbursed. Typically, no meal receipts in the home city, except for meal receipts at the home city airport, will be allowed or reimbursed. However, if the meal is in conjunction with a University related business purpose, then such expense is allowable and/or reimbursable.
  •  In order to limit University liability, attendance must not be mandatory when alcohol is served. However, the University realizes that in some social situations, conducted for University business purposes, alcohol may be served or considered as part of a meal or event. If this is in keeping with the occasion, reasonable costs will be reimbursed. As with all business meals, there must be a University related business purpose for the alcoholic beverages.

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