Confidential Reporting Line


Why does the University have this?

  • you’re at work and you see something that just doesn't look right, who do you tell?

  • you've observed any out-of-the-ordinary behavior at work and don’t know who to tell?

In most situations, you would discuss your concerns with your supervisor, Dean, or Vice President. But in some situations involving serious matters – such as possible fraud, waste, safety concerns or other abuse of University resources you may not feel comfortable discussing these concerns with others. Unfortunately, there are times when our employees or students feel they cannot share this information through internal channels or feel it is important to remain anonymous or have limited access to senior executives.

The University of Dayton’s greatest assets are our employees and students.

The University of Dayton has a responsibility to conduct business in a safe, ethical and legally accountable manner.  Good business practices encourage the establishment of procedures for handling complaints in an efficient, confidential way.

While the University encourages members of the University community to report their concerns through existing reporting methods on campus, the University subscribes to a service that will allow individuals to anonymously report any concerns regarding potential misconduct involving finance, ethics, safety, laws or violations of university policy.

The University of Dayton is committed to responding to all reports submitted through EthicsPoint in a prompt and discreet manner. 

Retaliation will not be tolerated.

Contact the UD Confidential Reporting Line when you observe behavior that has a negative effect on the University or your fellow employees. The call is toll-free and anonymous.

Other Ways to Report an Issue

  • Employees or students can always discuss their concerns with an immediate supervisor or another senior level employee or faculty member
  • Contact Human Resources at 937-229-2541
  • Contact Legal Affairs at 937-229-4333

Frequently Asked Questions