University Purchasing Card Program (Pcard)

Pcard Program

University of Dayton is committed to providing the university community with a method of purchasing goods and services directly from suppliers through the issuance of a Purchasing Card (Pcard).  Each card issued to a user will be assigned a maximum dollar amount permissible per transaction and a maximum dollar amount permissible per month.  The maximum amounts will be determined in conjunction with each user's departmental manager.  Purchases must be made in accordance with the Purchasing Policies and Procedures.

The Pcard program is administered by the Purchasing Department.

Pcard Issuance

  • An employee will first need to complete a Pcard Application form including cardholder manager signature.  By signing this application the Cardholder and their manager acknowledges that the employee's responsibilities require the purchase of goods and services and both agree to adhere to the guidelines established in this manual.
  • The cardholder's personal credit is not affected by the use of this card.  A credit history is not run on the individual applying for the card, nor does the issuance of the card appear on a personal credit report.
  • Once the Pcard has been issued, the Cardholder will meet with the Pcard Coordinator to pick up their Pcard and to sign a Pcard Cardholder Agreement to acknowledge the receipt of the Pcard.
  • Activate Pcard by calling the toll-free number printed on the Pcard.  For verification purposes you will be asked to provide your Social Security Number and you mother's maiden name.  When asked for your Social Security Number, give them you seven-digit employee ID number (which is the first 7 digits found on your ID card dropping the last digit with 2 preceding 9s.  For example, if you ID card has the number 12345670 on it, you would supply the following 9 digits to JPMorgan Chase:  991234567.

Lost, Stolen or Misplaced Pcard

  • During normal business hours, contact the Pcard Coordinator at 229-2946
  • Outside of normal business hours, contact JPMorgan Chase Customer Service at:  800-270-7760
  • In order to avoid University liability for fraudulent transactions it is extremely important to act promptly (within 72 hours).
  • After notifying the bank, the account number (Pcard) will no longer be valid.  A new Pcard should be issued within 48 hours of notice.

Changes in Pcardholder Information

Address changes, default fund/account number changes, name changes, etc. can be made using the Account Maintenance Form. Some changes may require issuance of a new Pcard.

Pcardholder Responsibilities

The Cardholder is responsible and accountable for:

  • Selecting the best supplier, product/service specification, quality, quantity price negotiation, freight charges, delivery requirements, ordering, expediting, amendments, returns, etc.
  • The custody, control and use of the Pcard as detailed in the Pcard Application.
  • Ensure that the general ledger accounts being charged are properly funded to meet the required payment of the monthly statement.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the shipments and communicates with the supplier regarding any discrepancies, arranging for the return of any goods ordered or shipped in error, found to be defective, requiring repair or replacement, obtaining appropriate credit documentation.
  • Cardholder agrees that the Pcard will only be used to transact University business and will not be used for personal purchases.
  • On-line review of transactions will be done timely, but no later than the 4th business day of the month.
  • Cardholder also agrees to retain Pcard transaction receipts for 5 years (the current fiscal year and four prior fiscal years).
  • The Pcard must be kept secured at all times.
  • Upon request from the UD  Pcard Coordinator or delegate, the Cardholder must return the Pcard immediately.
  • The Cardholder, upon transfer from the department of termination of employment from the University, must return their Pcard to the UD  Pcard Coordinator or delegate for immediate cancellation.
  • Within ten (10) days upon transfer or employment termination, a reconciliation of the Pcard account must be completed to ensure payment approval for all outstanding purchase(s).


When making purchases, the Cardholder must ensure that:

  1. The best possible price is obtained
  2. Any applicable warranty cards are completed


The Pcard does allow for the exemption of Sales Tax. However, it is up to the Cardholder to bring this to the attention of the supplier upon making the purchase. If needed, contact Purchasing for a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

Ineligible Expenses

The following expenses are not permitted on the Pcard, inclusive but not restricted to:

  • Purchases greater than $5,000
  • Purchases from University departments that accept credit cards, i.e. Bookstore, UD Dining Services, Flyer Spirit
  • Computer hardware/software (except for designated individuals)
  • Mobile devices or service plans (except for designated individuals)
  • Personal memberships or subscriptions
  • Non-business related or personal expenses, including medical expenses and child or pet care expenses
  • Gifts and Awards 
  • "Pyramiding" transactions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Renovations, remodeling, and repairs on campus
  • Pictures, bulletin boards, dry erase boards that will be hung on office wall
  • Donations

Please contact the Purchasing Department with any specific questions 229-2641.

At times, special circumstances arise that may warrant exceptions such as deviations from the list of ineligible expenses. In this case pre-approval of the exceptions, in writing, is required from the UD Pcard Coordinator or delegate.

Documentation of Pcard Business Purpose

The business purpose for each transaction needs to be documented directly in PaymentNet. This is done by performing the following procedures:

  1. Login to
  2. In Menu, select transactions
  3. Then double-click on the transaction which you want to document
  4. A screen - Transaction Detail Record should appear.  At the bottom of the page there is a field Transaction Notes. Document the business purpose here.

More specific business purposes are needed for certain transactions. Please do not just indicate the item purchased. The more descriptive you are, the less follow-up questions are needed.  This is especially important for items purchased without a clear University business purpose.   The more information, the better! Notice the difference in business purposes provided for the following example:

a. Item purchased - Large duffel bag

  • Large duffel bag - This only describes the item purchased and does not indicate how it will be used and would require follow-up from the Internal Auditor
  • Large duffel bag purchased for the transportation of presentation equipment for the Internal Audit department - This indicates the item purchased and how it will be used for University purposes.

Coding and Review of Pcard Transactions

The Cardholder is responsible for verifying (on-line) and correcting any general ledger fund/account numbers for each transaction charged against their Pcard.  All verifications/approvals must be made by the 4th business day of any given month.  No further corrections will be made after this date.

Water, coffee, break room supplies, flowers, special event/party supplies, etc for you department should be charged to sub-account 7360 (Guest Care), not supplies.  If you have questions regarding which account to charge, please contact the Controller's Office.

Monthly Pcard Audit Package

Cardholders are required to submit a Pcard audit package to the Office of Internal Audit in 1700 South Patterson Building, Room M2518 by the 10th of the following month.

Audit packages should include the following items:

  1. PaymentNet report Transaction Detail with Account Codes and Notes.  See below for instructions for obtaining this report.
  2. Original receipts for transactions.  Please organize receipts in an order that allows for easy review (i.e., the same order as listed in the Transaction Detail with Account Codes and Notes).
  3. Name of the individual to whom questions should be addressed (if someone other than Cardholder).
  4. Specific campus location for the return of the audit package (this is not applicable for Pcards designated as Travel Cards)

Audit packages will be delivered back to the Cardholder upon the completion of the audit procedures.

Failure to submit timely reports may result in termination of the card.

Pcard Receipt Requirements

Acceptable original receipts:

  • Invoices
  • Packing slips
  • Cash register receipts
  • Internet order forms
  • Confirmation of the order by the vendor

Receipts must include the vendor name, address, date of transaction, itemized description of the purchase and signature (when appropriate).

If a pdf, fax, or e-mail is the only document that the vendor will provide, please indicate on the receipt.

Instructions for Running the PaymentNet Report: Transaction Detail with Account Codes and Notes

  1. Login to
  2. In the Menu: Transactions drop-down box, select All Reporting
  3. For the "Select a Category", select Transaction
  4. Click on Transaction Detail with Account Codes and Names
  5. Select the accounting cycle for the appropriate month and hit Process Criteria
  6. Proceed with report
  7. Select either Excel or pdf for the format of your report
  8. The report will then show up in the available download files. Click on the report and then print for Internal Audit

Communication of Pcard Audit Results

Questions to Cardholders on monthly review of audit packages will be communicated normally through e-mail or by phone call. 

If audit procedures uncover any fraudulent usage, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken which could include termination of employment.

Procedures for Disputed or Fraudulent Pcard Charges

  • If you believe the merchant has charged you incorrectly or there is an outstanding quality or service issue, you must first contact the merchant and try to resolve the error or problem.  If you are able to resolve the matter directly with the merchant, and the error involved an overcharge, a credit adjustment should be requested and will appear on your next statement.  The Cardholder is responsible for obtaining any necessary authorization for a return from the vendor and for obtaining a credit receipt from the vendor.
  • If the merchant disagrees that an adjustment is necessary, immediately contact Customer Service at 800-270-7760 (this number also appears on the back of your card) or through using the Dispute button on PaymentNet, as well as UD Pcard Coordinator.  Complete details of the dispute will need to be made in writing in order to research the item in question.  The details of the disputed transaction should be reported on company letterhead or on the Pcard Dispute Form.  JP  Morgan Chase must receive any charge dispute within 60 days of your statement date.  While pending resolution, JP Morgan Chase will credit your account for the amount of the disputed transaction.  Although JP  Morgan Chase acts as the arbitrator in any dispute, you should never assume that a dispute will be resolved in your favor.
  • Using the online dispute button will prepopulate your dispute form and let you know what additional information is required.  It also marks the transaction so you know which transactions have been disputed.
  • If the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction, and you believe you have been unfairly treated by the merchant, please notify your manager and the UD Pcard Coordinator with the relevant details.
  • Any fraudulent charge, i.e., a charge not authorized by yourself, must be reported immediately to JP Morgan Chase Customer Service and UD's Pcard Coordinator.  Prompt reporting of any such charge will help to prevent the University from being held responsible.

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