Address Change Form

Please read all directions carefully and only complete the address areas that need changed.

If you have questions, please contact the Flyers Student Services Office at 937-229-4141 or 800-427-5029.

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Please fill out required personal identification information.

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Changing your Permanent Address?  (If not, click Next)


International or exchange students:
The permanent address refers to your address in your home country outside of the United States.

Domestic Undergraduate or other dependent students:
The permanent address refers to your parent/guardian’s address.

Domestic Graduate, Law or independent students:
The permanent address refers to your current place of residence.

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Changing your Local Address while attending UD?
(If not, click Next)


The local address refers to your address while attending the University of
Dayton, if it is different from your permanent address and not considered
on-campus or University owned housing.

Note: International or exchange students, the local address is where
any postal mail will be sent to you.

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Need us to send your bills to a different address
(other than your Permanent or Local Address)?  


Please use only if you would like your bill sent to an address other
than your Permanent Address or Local Address. 

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