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University of Dayton Payment Plan

In order to help students and parents budget the cost of tuition, The University of Dayton is pleased to offer an extended payment option. This four payment plan allows you to make monthly payments on University billed expenses.

Your enrollment in the University of Dayton Payment Plan along with on-time payment of installments will eliminate late charges, interest charges, and registration/transcript holds. You can avoid registration delays since your account will be in good standing through the payment plan.

The plan offers you the ability to easily manage your account and make payments 24 hours a day through our secure online payment center.

Who is Eligible?

Registered undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who are in good financial standing with the University and their authorized users are eligible for the payment plan.

When Can I Enroll?

Fall semester enrollment begins July 6 and is open through July 21.  Late enrollment is permitted through September 8; however, payment of missed installments will be required before acceptance into the plan.

Spring semester enrollment begins December 2 and is open through December 21.  Late enrollment is permitted through February 8; however, payment of missed installments will be required before acceptance into the plan.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is a $50 per semester registration charge to participate in the payment plan.  This charge is non-refundable and is due at sign-up by e-check or credit card online.  Payment of an outstanding balance from a previous semester may be required at this time.

Paperless Billing:

Statements will be sent through e-mail by the 5th of each month to the student and, if applicable, the authorized user.  Paper statements will not be generated while you are on the payment plan.

Monthly Installments:

Your installment amount will be calculated at the time you sign up for the plan.  Installments will be re-calculated to reflect any change in tuition and charges.  You will be notified by e-mail of any changes. Late or Partial Payment: Payments received after the due date or payments less than the full installment amount are subject to a $50 late charge each month.

Ready to Enroll?

Students may enroll by logging in to Porches and choosing the Flyer Student Services tab, then "My Payment Center".  Authorized users may be appointed by the student in the payment center.  They will receive a separate login which will enable them to enroll in the payment plan.

Porches Login>>

Payment in Full Option

Full payment of tuition and charges is due August 22 (fall term) and January 22 (spring term) for students who do not wish to enroll or are not eligible for the University of Dayton Payment Plan.  Interest will be assessed at 1% monthly (12% APR) on any unpaid balance.

Deferred Payment for Employer Reimbursement

Deferment of tuition for employer reimbursement.  The plan is available for the following students:

Graduate Students

ADAP (Adult Degree Advancement Program)

MBA@Dayton Online

School of Education and Health Sciences Online

Government Contracting MSL (Master in the Study of Law)

MSL (Master in the Study of Law)

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