Common Readings and Resources


Welcome to the English Department's Humanities Base Resource Page. You will find links to writing and research material and information on the English Department's common readings, which may be found in the custom-published volume, Department of English Humanities Base Text (2006). The readings collected in this volume explore the theme of literacy from multiple perspectives. Read More >>


The History Department's Humanities Base Resources Page consists mainly of reading guides for the various common readings chosen by the Department for HST 103 students. Read More >>


On the Philosophy Department's Humanities Base Resource Page, you can find an online version of Plato's Apology, a photographic tour of the ruins of ancient Greece, a brief logic tutorial, and some links to other interesting sites--all meant to enrich and assist the Humanities Base student in exploring the world of philosophy. Read More >>

Religious Studies

This page consists of a list of links of interest for REL 103 and REL 198 students in either of the three concentrations (General, Catholic, or Scriptural), as well as direct links to common readings for REL 103 and REL 198. Read More >>