There are four major themes of UD's Humanities Base Program. These themes include the full scope of humanness:  the individual self in relation with other selves, with the world, and with the transcendent. Through literature, philosophical reflections, historical study, and religious symbol and thought, humankind has tried to come to terms with the breadth, depth, and complexity of the human condition.

Autonomy and Responsibility

The individual person has the ability to make choices; with those choices comes a responsibility for the consequences of those choices.

The Individual and Society

Social interaction is essential to human life and development.  The network of human relations is the context of every life.

The Person and Nature

The human person is part of a larger history of life on this planet.  Through technology humans have the power to have an immense effect on that life.

Faith and Reason

The human person has the capacity to raise questions about the origin, order, and purpose of life, questions which reach beyond natural limits.  In the presence of transcendent mystery, religious, philosophical, and scientific quests address ultimate questions of meaning, truth, and value.