Arts and Human Experience

Courses in the Arts and Human Experience Cluster provide students with the opportunity to . . .

  • Study works of art, drama, literature, and music that have shaped the cultural heritage of our world;
  • Identify ways in which the arts both reflect and shape the experience of being human;
  • Examine a variety of traditional and contemporary theories about the arts;
  • Investigate particular historical periods to discover the social, economic, and political contexts in which significant works of art have been created;
  • Understand the scientific and technological principles that underlie the arts and give them their unique qualities and characteristics;
  • Analyze the psychological processes through which we perceive and create works of art;
  • Explore the variety of ways in which the arts articulate and perpetuate cultural and religious values and meanings in every major civilization;
  • Experience the rich arts offerings in Dayton and southwest Ohio.

Cluster Coordinator:
Dr. James Farrelly
Department of English
Humanities Building, Rm 211

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