Business Professional in a Global Society

The growth of international business and the global economy has created greater economic prosperity, opportunity, and, in some cases, more freedom for people in many parts of the world. However, this growth has not been without cost-the destruction of ecosystems and the depletion of resources. Local societies with distinctive cultures are threatened by multi-national organizations with unparalleled resources to make change. The task of the Business Professional in a Global Society Cluster, then, is to combine mastery of business principles and professional practices in a global society with a keen and critical analysis of the benefits and costs of the international economy.

As a result, this Cluster examines the issues and challenges raised by business globalization including the transformation of business professions and practices by globalization, the impact of globalization on cultures and societies and on economies and the environment, the effect on politics and international relations, and the consideration of ethical questions and moral positions based on globalization.

To accomplish that task the BPGS Cluster calls on the connected learning of the Humanities Base, thereby helping students integrate their learning across the various Domains of Knowledge. In that way, the BPGS Cluster hopes to promote the understanding of what it means to be a fully human professional and so significantly affect the way students relate to the issues in their work environment.

This cluster is offered to all students. For business students, the Cluster helps them better understand the world around them and the impact of the global economy. For students in other disciplines, the Cluster introduces them to the changing nature of the world economy and the possibility it presents for them in their careers.

  • Explicate what it means to be human within the dynamic context of a global society based, in part, on economic interdependence;
  • Critically understand the theory and practice of international business;
  • Examine the promise and problems of an expanding global economy for local communities, the environment, and diverse cultures and societies;
  • Develop thoughtful, ethical positions and well-considered moral principles to become servant leaders in a global society;
  • Uncover the complexity of different societies and cultures by understanding the rich diversity of their religious beliefs, artistic traditions, social organizations, political systems, and histories;
  • Integrate their business and professional education with the scholarship of the humanities and the social sciences.

Cluster Coordinator:

Dr. Victor Forlani, S.M.
Department of Management and Marketing
Miriam Hall, Rm 803

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