Selecting a Thematic Cluster

You should choose a thematic cluster after careful thought and consultation with your advisors. Ideally, you should select a cluster before completing your first year. Review the thematic cluster pages. You may print this page or choose the link below for a downloadable form. Please complete the form in consultation with your advisor.

Cluster Declaration Form (doc) >>

Name: ________________________________________________________

Student ID No.: __________________________________________________

Major: _________________________________________________________

_____  I am declaring a cluster

_____  I am changing to a different cluster

Check the cluster you are now declaring:

_____  The Arts and Human Experience

_____  Business Professional in a Global Society

_____  Catholic Intellectual Tradition

_____  Cross Cultural

_____  Perspectives on Global Environmental Issues

_____  Social Justice

_____  Values, Technology, and Society

_____  Women and Culture

Please note that Chaminade Scholars and Core students register for the clusters through the directors of those programs.

Student Signature __________________________________________   Date ______________

Advisor's Name ____________________________________________

Advisor's Department _______________________________________

Advisor's Signature_________________________________________   Date______________

Advisors: Please place a copy of this in the student's file and provide your department office with a copy.