Special Cluster Programs

The University of Dayton provides two special programs that fulfill the Thematic Cluster: The Chaminade Scholars Program and The Core Program. In addition the Honors Program offers the opportunity for an integrative cluster project.

Chaminade Scholars Program

Chaminade Scholars complete the thematic cluster requirement by taking three specific courses. These courses, open to Chaminade Scholars only, are designed to help students think theologically about their own lives as a calling from God and to develop their skills as Christian leaders. Each of these courses is a three credit-hour course. 

The Core Program

Core Program courses fulfill many of the University's General Education Requirements. These courses address a common theme, "Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture," and are carefully coordinated with one another so that students experience the integrated character of the liberal arts. Extra-curricular speakers, arts events, and other activities related to course content are an important part of the program.

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