Offering Financial Support or Gifts

Donations to the University Honors Program can be made here. Please choose your designation from the pull-down menu, or if not available, indicate your preference in the option box under "Additional Information."

Patrick F. Palermo Honors Program Founders Fund provides annual support for Honors students undertaking Honors thesis projects that involve international research, service and leadership in the community, or which advance the realization of a just society.

The Daniel P. Arnold Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to remember Berry Scholar Danny Arnold, Class of 2013, who died tragically in the summer of 2012. One of Danny's goals upon becoming established in his career in medicine was to give back to the UD community through a scholarship fund, much like Mr. Berry, who funded Danny's education at UD through the Berry Scholars program. This fund has been formed to make Danny's dream a reality. You can also support the Arnold Fund by participating in the Danny Arnold 5K Walk/Run, which occurs each fall on the campus grounds.

Thank you in advance for all support you give to the current members of the University Honors Program.


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