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Experiential Learning Honors Credits Application

The University Honors Program recognizes that many activities are fundamental in the development of the emerging scholar, activities may receive no academic credit hours. The UHP acknowledges these activities with the opportunity to earn Honors credits that apply toward the Honors and Honors with Distinction diplomas.

At most 6 Honors credits (HCs) may be obtained this way, including study abroad experiences (see separate application to request such HCs here).

Go to the Earning Honors Credits web page for details about all possible Honors credit options.

  1. Complete the following information to submit your portion of the application for experiential learning HCs.
  2. Separately request that the on-site supervisor of your experience send an email or letter directly to Ramona Speranza, including the number of hours you worked or completed, the basic nature of the experience and a confirmation that you completed the experience successfully.
  3. Upon receipt of all application materials, including the supervisor confirmation, the UHP Director will review the application and award the appropriate number of Honors credits.
  4. Please note that any HCs awarded will not be reflected in DegreeWorks but will be a part of your Honors records toward your Honors Program diploma requirements.

* Number of Hours per Week Involved
* Total Number of Hours Worked
* I agree that all information submitted in this application is true and correct.
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