Honors Housing Options

For each stage of the residential experience, students can choose an Honors learning and living situation. In the first year, students can choose a living community. Rising sophomore students are encouraged to select the Honors-designed learning experiences (DLE) as part of the housing assignment process.

Rising juniors and seniors can apply for Honors Special Interest Housing. Honors Special Interest Houses (Honors SIH) provide the opportunity for students to support and embody the mission of the University Honors Program in the student neighborhood.

Expectations and Commitments for Honors SIH Housing

  • An Honors House is comprised of a majority of Honors Students (Example: 2 Honors students/4 person house; 3 Honors students/5 person house). In cases of application proposals with equal merit, groups with a higher percentage of Honors students will be given preference.
  • Honors SIH residents serve as positive role models in the student neighborhood, and supporting the mission and programs of the University Honors Program (at least one SMART goal is to be directly tied to the University Honors Program).
  • Honors SIH residents maintain regular communication with UHP Adviser(s).
  • Houses will be expected to have representation on the Honors Student Activities Committee.
  • Honors SIH are expected to meet all SIH expectations as communicated by Housing and Residence Life (via SIH information sessions, AVIATE and the Housing and Residence Life website).

Some Recommendations for Honors Special interest Houses

Based on best practices from other Special Interest House communities:

  • Plan for regular house meetings and meals with one another.
  • Be engaged, both in the UD community and the broader community.

Application Process

  • Attend a Special Interest Housing Information Meeting sponsored by Housing and Residence Life.
  • Complete the Honors pre-application (downloadable .docx).
  • Contact Maria Ollier Burkett at mburkett1@udayton.edu with questions pertaining to the Honors Special Interest Housing pre-application and process.
  • For questions about AVIATE, PATH points or the general Special Interest Housing process, go to AVIATE FAQs or to Housing and Residence Life.

Thank you for helping to build the Honors program throughout the residential learning experience.

David W. Darrow, Ph.D.
University Honors Program