Honors Students Activities Committee

The Honors Students Activities Committee (SAC) was initiated by Director Patricia Hart in 2008. This committee consists of Honors Program members who volunteer to participate and collaborate with the University Honors Program to implement activities for development and enhancement of all Honors students’ academic and intellectual opportunities. In addition, the committee will assist the Honors leadership in setting vision and perspectives for the Program.


Any Honors student in good standing may volunteer to be a committee member of the SAC. The registration period for these positions is during the summer semester before the academic year in which the member will serve.

Service in the SAC is for one year, although students may choose to serve multiple years.
All SAC members are expected to attend the majority of meetings held during the academic year in which they volunteer to serve.
Any member is eligible to serve in a leadership role, should one be offered through SAC elections or appointment, at the Director’s discretion.

SAC Service Opportunities

Students may choose to serve in one of the following roles:

Basic member—attends and participates in meeting discussions

Subcommittee member—in addition to basic membership, additional contributions of time and effort made with a specific subcommittee established to support a specific set of activities for UHP members

Subcommittee chair—leads and coordinates specific subcommittee

  • Community Service
  • Cultural/Intellectual
  • Professional Development
  • Social
  • Honors Students Welcome

SAC officer—leads and coordinates specific activities as determined by the Director

  • President:  leads meetings, UHP liaison
  • Vice president:  coordinates subcommittees, meets with committee chairs
  • Treasurer/Secretary:  oversees all SAC financial matters, committee records, minutes and coordinates communication