Arnold Memorial Scholarship

Daniel P. Arnold Memorial Scholarship

Danny Arnold was a distinguished member of the Honors Program who exemplified servant leadership on campus. Arnold was also a scholar who understood how laboratory research for his Honors thesis would prepare him for living out his vocation after he graduated.

Supported by contributions from the family and friends of Danny Arnold, the Daniel P. Arnold Memorial Scholarship provides a senior-year scholarship for one University Honors Program student from the College of Arts and Sciences who exemplifies Danny Arnold’s qualities of character. Applicants must be rising seniors working on a thesis and demonstrate financial need. The scholarship is awarded each April by the UHP in coordination with the Honors Thesis Proposal and Fellowship Request process.

Students are encouraged to apply for the Daniel P. Arnold Memorial Scholarship based on their financial need (as demonstrated by the receipt of, expected receipt of, or past receipt of a Pell Grant) or loans taken out by either students or parents for unmet financial need. The maximum amount of funding that may be received by a student is a one-time award of $2,500.

Application and Selection Process

The application for the Daniel Arnold Memorial Scholarship is submitted as part of the Honors Thesis Proposal and Budget Request due April 1 for junior thesis candidates. The committee will base the award on the following application materials/criteria:

  • Rising Honors senior from the College of Arts & Sciences committed to completing a thesis project
  • Evidence of progress toward and commitment to earning an Honors Program diploma (at least 12 Honors credits earned toward an Honors diploma with thesis, or at least 15 Honors credits earned toward an Honors with Distinction diploma)
  • Timely submission and quality of all thesis proposal materials (due April 1)
  • Demonstrated financial need, as determined by the University Office of Financial Aid
  • The quality of a reflective essay (500 to 750 words) in which a student discusses his or her contributions as a leader in the University Honors Program and/or on campus, and what role the student's thesis research will play in his or her life after graduation


  • A student who receives the Daniel P. Arnold Memorial Scholarship is expected to attend the annual Danny Arnold 5K Run/Walk in September in order to be introduced to the Arnold family, and may participate in the run if desired.
  • A student must show continued progress toward completion of the Honors thesis and Honors Program diploma.

The Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to this year's Arnold Memorial Scholarship recipient:

Amanda Fawcett

Major:  Biology

"The best way to improve the realms of infectious disease, medicine, and the marriage between the two, is to constantly push the envelope and look for better answers, better solutions, and better treatments. I would be honored to receive the Daniel Arnold Memorial Scholarship to be able to continue my thesis research, and work to improve the care provided to individuals who are disproportionately at risk."

Past Recipients

2018:  Maria LaBello, Pre-medicine

2017: Olivia Grondalski, Pre-medicine and Psychology

2016:  Kelsey Clayback, Psychology

2015:  Claire Konys, Biology and Maxwell Roeske, Biology

2014:  Madison Irwin, Biology


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