Stander Symposium: Poster Presentation Guidelines

Stander Symposium

All Honors students writing theses are required to present their research at the annual Stander Symposium. Most students choose to do a poster presentation; however, if an individual or group presentation is scheduled which includes a student's thesis material, that is also acceptable.

Visit the Stander Symposium site for more details about dates and registration.

Stander Symposium Poster Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines to have your poster prepared:

  • Use the prepared PowerPoint template, which will help you determine font sizes and image quality control (this is the same template that the Stander Symposium website provides, but includes the University Honors Program logo).
  • Include the thesis title, your name and the name of your advisor.
  • This template will create a poster layout at 25% of the actual size to be printed. When printed the final dimensions of the poster will be approximately 48"w x 36"h.
  • Total size of your poster file should be less than 48 MB.
  • No watermarks.
  • No color background.
  • Use high-resolution images for best printing results (at least 200 dpi).
  • Save your final layout as a high-quality-print PDF and use your LDAP username as the file name.

Check the Stander Symposium website to determine where you can have your poster printed on campus at no charge. This is usually arranged through the Library or LTC.


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