Honors Student Symposium Guidelines

Honors Student Symposium: Presentation Guidelines

Please register your program information and schedule preferences online by January 15.

We have planned a 20-minute time slot for your thesis presentation. This allows 3 minutes to set-up, 12 minutes to present, 4 minutes for questions, and 1 minute to break-down. There will be a timekeeper in the room. It is very important that the afternoon remains on schedule.

Please save your PowerPoint presentation on a flash-drive. Attempt to keep your PowerPoint basic:  no high-resolution pictures or charts, make the file as small as possible, and check with the Kennedy Union IT representative to confirm that animation on your slides is permitted.

Please contact Leonard Presock at Kennedy Union before the day of the Symposium to test-run your presentation on KU's computers.

The primary audience for the Honors Students Symposium is Honors students. We also invite administrators, staff, chairpersons and faculty, and, of course, your faculty advisor. In your preparation, consider that any combination could be your audience. Feel free to invite other guests such as roommates, friends and family members.

The day is modeled after professional conferences, so your dress should reflect that level of professionalism.

Special Note:  There will be a "check-in" table on each floor on the day of the Symposium. Please check in about 10 to 15 minutes before your presentation to let us know you have arrived, and to get materials.


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