Thesis Manuscript Templates

Honors Thesis Project: Manuscript Templates

Some portions of the thesis publications have been standardized and Word templates provided. This standardization will increase the professional appeal of the final publications, as well as give the group of theses each year a library-quality standard. These templates will also make putting a thesis into print easier and more efficient so that a student's time is spent on the important work of content rather than style.

If a software program other than Word is required by the advisor or discipline standards, please make sure you follow the general style of the templates provided, then submit a print-quality PDF.

The thesis manuscript will not be accepted as final without the completion of the Thesis Signature Page.

The Final Manuscript

When the student's thesis is finalized, approved by the advisor(s) and submitted to the Honors Program, a PDF of the compiled Word documents will be created and sent to the author for release.

  • If the author and/or advisor(s) choose to have the manuscript printed, the digital documents should be delivered by email or a flash drive for downloading no later than April 7 for May and August graduates and November 15 for December graduates to the Honors Program Office Coordinator, Ramona Speranza. The approved PDF will be archived with the Honors Program and the UD Library.
  • If both the author and advisor(s) do not want printed copies, the digital documents should be delivered by email or a flash drive for downloading no later than April 20. The approved PDF will be archived with the Honors Program and the UD Library Archives.


Cover Layout

This template includes the University Honors Program seal, and margins allow for the left-handed binding. Font size for the title may be reduced if the title is lengthy so that the entire page is centered vertically with adequate spacing. Please contact the Office Coordinator if you need assistance laying out this page due to special concerns.

Cover Layout (.dotx)

Title Page

This page should include a short abstract and any disclaimer information, including special acknowledgements.

Title Page (.dotx)

Table of Contents

This template has tabs set up for adding page numbers to the section descriptions.

Table of Contents (.dotx)

Content Pages

The format for the thesis body itself is determined by department standards, other than font style, margins and page numbering, which are all included in the Pages template.

Pages (.docx)

Signature Page

The mentor and student must sign and submit the Thesis Signature Page before the thesis manuscript will be printed.

Thesis Signature Page (.docx)

Special notes regarding formatting and submission

  1. Margins are set specifically for left-handed binding; please do not change them on any of the templates.
  2. Page numbering should only begin on the body of the manuscript−not the title page or table of contents.
  3. Keeping your manuscript broken down into the four sections (Cover, Title, Table of Contents and Pages) simplifies the page numbering process and is the best way to submit your thesis for printing.
  4. Once the Office Coordinator (Ramona Speranza) has received your files, they will be exported into a combined PDF file, which will in turn be sent to you for final approval.
  5. If you choose to have a printed copy, please so note on the signature page. Your advisor(s) may also order a copy.

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