Thesis Intent Document

Thesis Intent Document

Students who plan to do a thesis project as part of their Honors Program diploma option must complete a Thesis Intent Document by November 10, based on the following timeline:

  • Submit by 11/10/19 if you will graduate on or before 12/31/21
  • Submit by 11/10/20 if you will graduate on or before 12/31/22
  • Submit by 11/10/21 if you will graduate on or before 12/31/23
  • Submit by 11/10/22 if you will graduate on or before 12/31/24
  • Submit by 11/10/23 if you will graduate on or before 12/31/25

Thesis Intent Document

Please complete the following information and submit by November 10.

This information formally enters you into the University Honors Program thesis database and provides the names of those with whom we will follow up in regard to your thesis topic and progress.


Honors Thesis Mentor

The Honors Thesis Mentor is a full-time member of the University of Dayton faculty from the department in which you are doing your thesis and who is directly supervising your thesis project. The Honors Thesis Mentor performs the following roles:

  • Oversees the project from its inception
  • Decides what threshold the student must meet
  • Provides feedback until the project is completed
  • Provides interim progress reports to the UHP
  • Grades the completed project (noting that a grade of "B" or better on the six credit hours associated with the project is necessary to complete the Honors Program diploma option)

You may have two thesis mentors, but only one will take the role  submitting grades.



Additional Advisor as Advisor of Contact:  There may be circumstances when a student has a Thesis Mentor who is not a UD faculty member. For example, a thesis mentor could be a UD staff member; an expert from another college, university or research lab; or a mentor from a community or service organization. In these cases a student will also need an Advisor of Contact who services to coordinate the administrative functions related to the thesis and is responsible for submitting interim progress reports, IP grades and final grades. The department chair or program director for which the thesis credits are being pursued serves as the advisor of contact in such cases. The advisor of contact does not have an active role in the oversight of the project and does not set the expectations for content or completion.


Thesis Credit Information

Thesis credit hours may or may not apply towards fulfilling major degree requirements. Students and mentors / advisors should consult their own departmental / program policy on the application of thesis credit hours towards major degree requirements.

The UHP and Registrar's office will register each thesis student for his or her thesis courses; in most cases this will be the department or program with which your thesis mentor is affiliated.


Research Information

Please summarize in 100 words your research project. Do your best to make it understandable by someone outside of your field of study. It is acceptable that your topic changes after this initial submission.


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