Health Care Plan Cost Calculators

Instructions for Using the Calculator:

1. To access the online calculator click on the appropriate calculator for your salary:

2. Complete all applicable areas shown in blue.

3. Enter the number of expected office visits during the year for you and any covered dependents. The applicable co-pays are built into the calculator.

4. Enter the expected number of 30 day supply of retail prescriptions for you and any covered dependents. ( e.g. if you are taking a drug every month, each 30 day supply counts as 1 prescription—enter 12) The applicable co-pays are built into the calculator.

  • To determine the applicable Tier for your medication contact Anthem customer service at 1-800-552-9159 or Express Scripts at 1-866-216-5449 or go to If you are not currently enrolled in a UD plan, you must call customer service for this information.
  • Directions for accessing the prescription lists on can be found by clicking on the following link. Instructions for Prescription (Rx) Information.

5. Under "Services" enter the number of expected inpatient hospital stays and/or outpatient procedures and the expected total cost for the services for you and any covered dependents. The applicable co-insurance percentages and out of pocket limits are built into the calculator.

6. Please be sure to hit the Enter key after inputting the final number.

7. We suggest that you may want to use both a best and worst case scenario with the calculator.

Calculator Assumptions:

1. Premiums and applicable co-pays for each plan are built into the calculator and do not need to be added.

2. My Dependent Services assumes that more than one dependent may make up the remaining family deductible and maximum out-of-pocket.

3. Calculator assumes that the Prescription deductible is applied to the Brand Formulary prescriptions only and the deductible applies only to the first prescription filled in the calendar year. Based on the deductible calculation, drug cost could be off $20-$40 dollars for you and your dependent. The calculator assumes the deductible only applies to 2 individuals. If more than 2 individuals utilize brand formulary or non-formulary drugs an additional deductible should be added for each additional individual covered.

4. Prescription drug costs are calculated as retail only. If you are utilizing mail order services, cost shown by the calculator will be more than what should be expected.