Other Continuing Education Opportunities

The Office of Human Resources funds a variety of non-credit, continuing education programs on campus which are marketed by the school/department which offers them.

Benefit's eligible employees who work 1000+ hours a year may, upon hire and with their supervisors’ approval, enroll in non-credit continuing education courses offered on a space-available basis. They must register through the program office which sponsors the session, and also complete a continuing education form prior to the beginning of each course. A detailed summary of this employee benefit is available for exempt and non-exempt employees and faculty members and is available in the employee handbook.

For more information regarding individual offerings, please contact the sponsoring department or school. They include:

Center for Leadership - NEW! The Office of Human Resources has partnered with the Center for Leadership to make the registration process simpler for UD employees to attend Center for Leadership Programs.  Instead of completing the paper forms for programs offered by the Center for Leadership, UD employees will now register on the Center for Leadership’s website.  Applicants can go to the Center for Leadership's website, click on Learn More in the left navigation and then click on UD Employee Registration Link in the left hand navigation.  For questions, please contact Alex Polzella at 229-4895 or polzellaa1@udayton.edu

Continuing Education

Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

Intensive English Program (tutoring only)

Credit Courses (Academic)
For information about the for-credit, tuition remission benefit for employees, please refer to the Educational Benefits page or your employee handbook.

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