Health Activity Tracker

Also new this year, once you complete your health evaluation you will be eligible to participate in a Health Activity Tracker giving you the opportunity to earn points for participating in certain activities such as preventative exams, annual physicals, exercise and educational sessions. This will be available beginning October 1st on the HealthWorks portal which will also include the results from your health evaluation. Different activities will require verification and can be emailed to HealthWorks for approval. Once approved, your points will be awarded and point totals will be updated on the portal. Your Health Activity Tracker can earn you an additional $120.00 towards reduction on your annual healthcare premiums in 2018! So you now have the ability to earn a total of $240.00 deduction through participating in both the Health Evaluation and using the Health Activity Tracker.

Health Activity Tracker - Frequently Asked Questions

If you participate in the Health Activity Tracker Program and use the RecPlex for wellness classes or to work out, you can now submit this Activity Tracker Request Form to receive your usage report from the RecPlex. The usage report can then be sent into HealthWorks ( for wellness points


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