ACT I/UDI 371: Creative Confidence Through Critical Perspective

Students are introduced to applied creative theory and critical thinking through the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation’s (IACT) transdisciplinary, experimental sessions focused on developing inquiry, reflection and confidence through critical and creative experimentation (with special focus given to the White Box Gallery installation themes). 1 credit hour mini-course; offered during Fall semester only.

Key Outcomes:
  • Critical Perspective
  • Creative Confidence

ACT II/UDI 372: Innovative Practice Through Creative Confidence

Students are grouped based on their degrees of study to experiment with creative theory as innovative practice within their disciplines. Students will design a collaborative session exploring applied creativity as a tool and mindset for innovative change in solving social, commercial, professional and academic challenges through IACT pedagogy and a collaborative 4D installation in the White Box. 1 credit hour mini-course; offered during spring semester only.

Key Outcomes:
  • Creative Confidence
  • Innovative Application

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