Scheduling Priority

ArtStreet facilities can be reserved by:

1.  University departments
2.  University faculty, staff and student organizations
3.  Individual students, staff, and faculty

First priority is for activities relating to ArtStreet mission and goals. ArtStreet management reserves the right to determine appropriate use of space.

During fall and spring semesters, ArtStreet is open 8 am - midnight Monday - Friday, 12 pm - midnight Saturday and Sunday. During the summer session, ArtStreet is open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm. 

For Fall term (August 20 - December 31), general requests will be accepted starting April 1.

For Spring term (January 1- May Graduation), general requests will be accepted starting November 1.

For Summer term (May Graduation - August 20 ), general requests will be accepted starting February 15.

If booking dates should fall on a weekend or holiday, reservation requests will be accepted on the weekday immediately preceding. Faculty applications for courses to be held at ArtStreet will be accepted prior to general request dates.

Reservation Policies

Upon arrival on the day of your event, please check in at the IACT at ArtStreet office (Studio O); the staff member on duty will assist with technology set-up and any other event needs. Each group is responsible for clean-up of the space used; please leave the space as you found it.

Food: A serving table is available upon request for food served in Studios A, B, C or E (light refreshments, pizza, sandwiches, etc. only – no chafing dishes will be allowed). Groups may bring in their own food; Flyer Enterprises and Kennedy Union also offer catering services. 

Decorations: Candles are not permitted in ArtStreet. Masking tape is the only adhesive that may be used on walls. All decorations must be removed at the end of the event. Nothing is to be placed or hung near or on artwork.

Studios B and C are equipped with blackout shades; other windows are not to be covered at any time.

Cancellations: Please provide at least 48 hours notice for any cancellations. Consistent no-shows will risk losing priority scheduling privileges.

Parking: There are a very limited number of parking spaces (maximum 5) in the ArtStreet lot available for faculty, staff and off-campus guests. Parking arrangements for these spots should be made by contacting the ArtStreet office. Event parking is available in the McGinnis Center lot (no permit necessary for designated event spots). NO PARKING PERMITTED IN DOUBLE-LETTER SPOTS (AS, AR, MG) AT ANY TIME. Additional parking must be arranged through Parking Services. ArtStreet will not be held responsible for any citations received as a result of illegal parking. Learn more about parking and directions to ArtStreet >>

Studio R1: Because Studio R1 is not completely soundproof, amplifiers and drums must be kept at a reasonable volume level at all times. Drumsticks are also available in the ArtStreet office. Failure to abide by these policies will result in a loss of room use privileges.

Cleanup/Damage Fees: ArtStreet reserves the right to charge a monetary fee if proper cleanup procedures are not followed and/or any damage to the facility has occurred as a result of your reservation.

All organizations and event participants are expected to comply with all IACT/ArtStreet policies and University of Dayton Standards of Behavior (as outlined in Student Handbook). Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of facility use privileges, to be determined at the discretion of IACT at ArtStreet management.

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Outdoor Events

ArtStreet Amphitheatre/Plaza Policies >>

Outdoor Event Risk Management Form (required) >> (Please make sure you are logged into OrgSync when you complete and submit the form.)

Alcohol Policies

The University of Dayton policy on alcohol is consistent with that of the state law of Ohio. Ohio state law prohibits the sale of, or consumption of any alcoholic beverage by any person under the age of 21. Any event involving alcohol MUST be pre-approved by IACT at ArtStreet management.

  • Open container: Ohio state law prohibits open containers of alcoholic beverages in a public place, including outdoor areas of ArtStreet.
  • Student organizations are not permitted to host events with alcohol at ArtStreet.
  • Open events: (open to general student population and/or entry of participants cannot be controlled; this also includes all outdoor events) Proper distribution permits and security are required for department-sponsored events that are open to the general campus population and/or where alcohol is sold. Groups must abide by all UD alcohol policies; student organizations must coordinate with Student Life and Kennedy Union.
  • Private events: For a closed indoor event where alcohol is being provided free of charge, the group/organization is responsible for verifying IDs and enforcing state, local, and University regulations concerning the distribution of alcoholic beverages. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must also be available in sufficient quantity to serve the anticipated number of guests. At the conclusion of the event, all alcohol-related trash must be removed from the building. (Trash receptacles located next to McGinnis Center and behind amphitheatre.)
  • Users of ArtStreet facilities must comply with these and all other alcohol policies listed in the UD Student Handbook.

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