The Marian Library Gallery in 2018

The gallery schedule for 2018 invites exploration of various media, cultures and expressions of Mary in religious art.

Henry Setter

Feb. 2 – March 9

An Artist's Meditation on Song of Songs

Henry Setter, a versatile artist and native of Cincinnati, created this meditation on Solomon’s poetic Song of Songs while recuperating from surgery in 1973. In 78 plates, Setter used ink on paper to illustrate the entire book, which portrays the mutual love of the Lord and his people. A selection of this work will be on display. Setter died in 2009. 

Holy Family detail by Andre Bergeron

March 19 – April 20

Luke’s Portrait of the Madonna
Interpreting Luke in painting and calligraphy, André Bergeron, a Canadian painter, and Ann Bain, a local calligrapher, point to the great riches of Luke’s Marian narrative. Tradition gave Luke the title of “Painter of Our Lady.” His gospel contains the most lively and complete description of Mary.

detail of a Benjamin Miller print

May 1 – June 15

The Prints of Benjamin Miller (1877-1964)

Benjamin Miller was one of the most acclaimed U.S. printmaker of the first half of the 20th century. His art reflects the expressionist tradition of Europe. Both poetic and sculptural, it calls upon religion and mythology to celebrate beauty and denounce evil. Miller’s religious prints show great empathy and sensitivity.

close up photograph of a French Black Madonna

June 25 – July 27

The Black Madonna – Intriguing and Ancient?

Photography highlights prominent French Marian shrines and their Black Madonnas. France is one of the oldest and most prolific origins of Black Madonnas. The artistic photography of Dennis and Patricia (PJ) Aubrey explores the mysterious origin and intriguing significance of these sculptures.

detail of a rare book from the Marian Library collections

Aug. 13 – Oct. 5

Marian Library Collections

Celebrating the Marian Library's 75th anniversary, this exhibit features highlights from the many collections in the Marian Library.

Also note an exhibit focusing on the history of the Marian Library in the Roesch Library first floor gallery. Learn more about anniversary events.

detail of Nativity from Mirror of Hope

Opens Oct. 19

At the Manger: World Nativity Traditions
Word of God and Human Genius

The 2018 Nativity exhibits of the Marian Library will explore the artistic and cultural originality with which the Word of God made Man has been interpreted, explained, and presented in various crèche cultures.

See for the latest information and additional displays both on and off the University of Dayton campus.