woodcut of Eternal Being detail

    Hans Friedrich Grohs: Artist and Mystic

    Aug. 8 – Nov. 13, 2016

    "Hans Grohs stands with all his creativity within the Bible and he looks out upon the world...through his very own window of biblical faith."

    Frauken Grohs Collinson, daughter 

    Hans Friedrich Grohs, versatile in his art and representative of German Expressionism of the second generation, made art a profession of faith and his faith an ever-flowing source of inspiration. Marked by the austere beauty of Northern Germany, he made nature the mirror of his soul, and the Bible a constant companion in his many forays of human destiny.

    In the exhibit...

    The following are some examples of the woodcuts by Grohs you will see in this exhibit. Visit the Marian Library to experience the complete exhibit.


    Harbor Busum

    Eternal Being

    Prayer before Battle