Certificate of Marian Studies

The Marian studies certificate is available to qualified students who do not wish to pursue the rigors of the pontifical degrees (S.T.L./S.T.D.) or who may be lacking in some of the basic requirements for admission into these programs.

The certificate program involves taking foundational courses (36 quarter credits) in the study of Mariology and writing a research paper or project. The research paper (30 pages) is elaborated under the direction of a moderator and must be original.

The certificate program is available as a guided studies program. The suggested time frame for the completion of the program is two to four years.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted, the applicant should submit:

Transcripts of previous academic work

A curriculum vitae

Two letters of recommendation

Letter 1

Diocesan priests or seminarians should submit a letter from their bishop

Members of the consecrated life should submit a letter from their provincial superior

Lay persons should submit a letter from an ecclesiastical authority (e.g. parish priest)

Letter 2

All applicants should submit a letter from an academic authority who can acknowledge the student's intellectual preparation and ability.

Additional requirements apply for international students.

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