Pontifical Degrees (S.T.D., S.T.L.)

As an American affiliate of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology Marianum, our academic program is empowered to offer courses leading to the doctorate in sacred theology (S.T.D.) and the licentiate in sacred theology (S.T.L.) degrees. Such programs of study are governed by the rules and directives issued by the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, and their application by the Marianum.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the program is approved by the director of the IMRI and his council. Each applicant is evaluated as to past achievements. Applicants will be asked to make up deficiencies before being formally admitted into the program. In evaluating past work, the IMRI considers the strength and breadth of previously acquired degrees, courses taken, other academic work, and work experience.

To be admitted, the applicant should have:

A reading knowledge of Latin and a modern language other than English. Formation in biblical Greek and Hebrew is strongly recommended.

Background in the study of philosophy (at least nine semester hours), especially in such basic areas as logic, epistemology, rational psychology and metaphysics.

The equivalent of a Baccalaureate of Sacred Theology (STB). Ordinarily this would compare with the first three years of study in a seminary. Applicants with an M.A. in theology or religious studies should have at least an additional year (18 semester hours) of study.

Applicants who have an S.T.L. corresponding to the second cycle of pontifical-theological formation can be admitted into the S.T.D. program but will be asked to obtain the specialized formation in Marian studies, which typically requires 36-quarter-hours (30 in core courses and six in introductory and special courses). Additional courses may be required to complete the specialized formation of the candidate in Marian studies.

Additional requirements apply for international students.

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