Lutheran Rosary

Q: Is there a Lutheran rosary?

A: I wouldn’t call it a rosary, but there exists what we might call the Pearls of Life or the Wreath of Christ: the Lutheran prayer beads. They are to be a practical device to encourage prayer, a time of silence and reflection.

The wooden beads are round, flat and of different colors. They represent an exegesis of the Our Father. The wreath is rather circular, beginning with the golden bead and returning to it.

Golden bead

symbol of God

Our Father in Heaven

Small bead

symbol of Creature

Hallowed be Your name

White bead

symbol of Baptism

Your kingdom come

Sand-colored bead

symbol of Desert

Your will be done ...

Blue bead

symbol of Serenity

Give us this day our daily bread.

Red bead

symbol of Love

and forgive us our sins

Red bead

symbol of Sacrifice

as we forgive those ...

Small beads (three)

symbol of the "I"

asking for forgiveness

Black bead

symbol of Night

lead us not into temptation

White bead

symbol of Resurrection

but deliver us from evil

Golden Bead

For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever.

The author of the Lutheran beads is Martin Lönnebo, Lutheran bishop in Sweden.

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