Piccola Opera Regina Apostolorum

They want to live and manifest the heart of the Church and the world the mystery of the Universal Queenship of Mary, and be known by her title of Immaculate Queen of the Universe.


Biographical Information

Founder: Sister Ada Taschera and Monsignor Valentino Vailati

Foundation: 1948

Ecclesial Recognition:

Membership: male and female


Lay/Religious: religious

Individual/Community: community


Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: To prepare priests and seminarians for the ministerial priesthood and to provide for their needs, including material necessities.

Apostolic commitments:

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations: Mary as Mother of the Eternal Priest and Queen of the Apostles

General Marian Characteristics: The daily life of members is centered on the Eucharist and devotion to Mary.

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises:

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors:



More Information

International Marian Research Institute

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