Walsingham Anglican Use Church, Texas

Q: Is there a Walsingham in Texas?.

A: This is to acquaint you with the existence of Our Lady of Walsingham Anglican Use (AU) Roman Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. It is the first parish church in the U.S.A. under this patronage. Under the terms of the pastoral provision (1984) the Pope welcomed former Anglicans and Episcopalians who wished to become part of the Roman Catholic Church, keeping their heritage associated with the Book of Common Prayer and the Anglican use liturgy. Former Anglican Priests were ordained, and with their congregations made the "voyage from Canterbury to Rome" as a group. There are now eight or nine such communities established as personal parishes, with a couple more in the pipeline--under the aegis of Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, who is liaison for the AU and Rome. This is one of the best kept secrets in the American Church. All these parishes are extremely dynamic and many visitors come to see the liturgy. We have had many Episcopal converts in our own parish.

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