Citizens of the World 2016

Call for photos!
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REFLECTION: Citizens of the World

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, March 2, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. 
A collaboration between the Center for International Programs and ArtStreet, the 11th annual Citizens of the World photography installation highlights students' reflections of the world in which we live. Depicting themes ranging from hope and strength to challenge and achievement, REFLECTION will showcase the diverse experiences that influence, shape and impact University of Dayton students.

Hosting six world premiere installations annually, ArtStreet's White Box Gallery at the University of Dayton is dedicated to work that challenges social, industrial, cultural and academic perspectives. The 2015-16 IAN Installation Series is focused on our daily climate — and our elemental responses to our environment. From the origins of want and need, to the fear of loss, the Gallery will focus on themes of THIRST, CONSUMPTION, FEAR, UPHEAVAL, REFLECTION and CHANGE.

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Hijabi Monologues University of Dayton 
Presented by White Box Theatre Festival 
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 8 and 9, 2016
8 pm, ArtStreet White Box Gallery
The Hijabi Monologues project is about creating a theater space for the experiences of Muslim women; a space to breathe as they are; a space that does not claim to tell every story and speak for every voice.

 Through sharing stories, strangers touch and connect. Through stories, we are challenged. Through stories, we are human.
Free and open to the public. Due to the use of strong language, discretion is advised. 
Produced by ArtStreet, the Theatre Program and Studio Theatre at the University of Dayton, in collaboration with the University’s Center for International Programs and Women’s Center. 
Hijabi Monologues University of Dayton is a licensed production of The Hijabi Monologues. For more information about The Hijabi Monologues, visit or follow on Twitter @HijabiMonologue. #HMUDayton    #HijabiMonologues