Campus Resources

The University of Dayton is a place for students to grow in their knowledge of the world, through the education and support they receive both in and out of the classroom. While you are at the University of Dayton, you are encouraged explore the resources and opportunities available to you.

Student Standards of Behavior

The Student Standards of Behavior are rules which all University of Dayton students are expected to follow. The University is a vibrant learning and living environment, and the Student Standards of Behavior behavior keep it as such by clarifying our four common goals: 1) support for our academic mission, 2) commitment to community living, 3) value the dignity of every person, and 4) uphold the common good.

We encourage all students to read the Student Standards of Behavior, which the Office of Community Standards and Civility provides in English, Chinese and Arabic translations.

Student Involvement

These clubs and organizations are especially popular with our international students:

If you are interested in joining an existing student organization or starting a new one of your own, visit Student Life and Kennedy Union.

Faith in community

The University of Dayton is committed to the spiritual and religious development of all students regardless of their religion. The University’s Campus Ministry office can provide more information for students wishing to continue their faith growth while at the University. Additionally, the city of Dayton is home to many temples, mosques, synagogues, churches and religious communities.

A prayer room on the lower level of Alumni Hall 003 has been designated for use by Muslim students and faculty who wish to use it for prayer throughout the day. Any student, faculty or staff member is welcome to use the space for prayer. Simply go to Alumni Hall, room 003. Friday afternoon prayer will be held in the Rike Center room 205.