Letter Requests

ISSS can issue letters for the following only:

  • Invitation letter. Verifies student's status for guest visa issuance purposes.

  • Lack of Social Security Number. Verifies student's inability to apply for a SSN without on-campus employment. Typically used for lease agreements or loan applications.


  1. Submit the Request for Letter Form at least three weeks before its intended use. Refer to the Request for Letter Form for specific instructions. Your letter will be printed on official school letterhead and include an ISSS staff member’s signature. Letters cannot be modified to include information that cannot be verified by ISSS through University resources.
  2. You will be notified by e-mail when the letter is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a letter to verify my enrollment status (credits, schedule, etc).

How long does it take to issue a status letter?

The letter does not include as much information as I would like. Can you edit it?