Preparing You For The Bar and Beyond

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a law student is preparing for the bar exam. We want to make sure that when you take it you are confident in your ability to pass it. That's why the School of Law has launched an integrated and ambitious program for improving student success on the bar and in practice.

Innovations in Teaching the Law

Our efforts go beyond simply doing prep work for the bar exam. We are improving the way you learn to think like a lawyer. In your first year you will take two labs that will deconstruct legal learning. We will teach you the mental processes lawyers must cultivate to read, analyze, and synthesize cases, as well as mindfulness techniques to sustain focus on abstract material, and executive functioning skills necessary to organize and communicate complex material. With a solid foundation on which to build, you will be ready for the material that will follow in your law school classes.Bar Pass Reception

Focus on Foundational Courses

The courses tested most heavily on the bar are the foundational ones traditionally taught in the first year. So we've made sure you will have more time to focus on those courses by increasing the credit hours for several of them and spreading them over the first four semesters rather than forcing them all into the first year. 

Personalized Bar Prep

Our bar course taken in your final semester will use tutors for those needing individualized attention to help learn bar skills and doctrine.

The Bar and BeyondSummer Bar Support Program

We believe a structured study environment will help with your success on the bar.  With that in mind, our summer support program in the months leading up to the bar will allow you to get continued mentoring from the same tutors and professors with whom you developed relationships during your time at Dayton Law.  As an incentive to stay on campus and engage in the program, we will provide you with free housing for the duration of your bar study in some of the nicest apartments on campus.

New Academic Support Classes

In order to give you more help in understanding the material related to the bar exam, we have added two new academic support classes in your third and fourth semesters. One is a Remedies course designed to shore up your legal analytic skills in the context of a deeper exploration of material from the first-year, bar-tested courses of Contracts and Torts. The other course in Advanced Legal Analysis provides a preview of the bar exam and is designed to give you help in mastering the core skills necessary for thinking like a lawyer before entering your final two semesters and beginning your bar study.

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