Learning Communities

The University of Dayton School of Law is committed to providing all incoming law students with the foundational skills necessary for success through placement in a Learning Community. Each Learning Community consists of approximately 8 to 10 students and is led by Dean’s Fellows, upper-level students selected for their academic achievement, commitment to the Law School community, aptitude for expert learning strategies, and interest in education.

Dean’s Fellows work with the Law School’s Academic Success department and the 1Ls’ doctrinal professors and assist students in developing effective strategies to maximize the opportunity for academic success.

Throughout the semester, Dean’s Fellows facilitate a 60-minute session for their Learning Community.  While not providing substantive legal instruction, Dean’s Fellows assist students in developing the five general skills areas that first-year students need to be successful in their studies: (1) time management; (2) note-taking; (3) reading and briefing cases; (4) synthesizing (weekly review and outlining); and (5) and test-taking strategies.

The Learning Communities also encourage and promote students’ participation in various professionalism and career services activities and workshops to ensure that 1Ls are not just proficient in the classroom, but are healthy and well-rounded law students that the Law School cultivates and honors.

Participation in a Learning Community during the first semester of Law School is a graduation requirement for all students.

How can I become a Dean's Fellow?

2018 Dean's Fellows

The University of Dayton School of Law is proud to present the Dean's Fellows:

Summer 2018

Jaden Cleland

The primary reason I want to be a Dean's Fellow is that I enjoy being part of the successes of others. Everyone comes to law school with ambitious visions for how they plan to change the world for the better, and I believe the University of Dayton School of Law should do everything within its power to encourage and facilitate those dreams. I am particularly excited about the prospect of connecting with first-year students to hear what they envision for their careers.

Nova Levant

I am excited about the prospect of becoming a Dean's Fellow because no one should have to reinvent the wheel. As a Dean's Fellow, I will help my 1Ls not have to do so. UD law students are worth the time and effort of making PowerPoints, lunch appointments, and approaching the program with a real servant's heart because lawyers are vitally important to society.

Haley Napier

I am excited to become a Dean's Fellow because it will allow me to transform new students from having an intimidating perspective of law school to a position where students will succeed academically but still gain the best experience from their time at UDSL. I look forward to working with 1Ls because I believe that having a solid support system allows students to reach their academic goals, handle the stress of law school, and maintain a healthy, positive attitude.

Davis Schwartz

I hope to instill confidence and clarity in the incoming students. Engaging with others is my forte. Being a 1L is a turbulent time, but exhilarating in every facet. Most of this turbulence derives from the mystique that law school cascades upon incoming students. In my opinion, incoming students need a steady hand to guide them through the process. My goal is to use my compassion and energy to nurture these new students at the start of their law school career. 

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