Developing Skills to be Successful

All students beginning their legal studies during the summer semester are invited to participate in the Summer Skills Institute (SSI). SSI consists of instructional workshops featuring faculty, administrators and upper-level students explaining the basic skills needed not only for law school success, but also for success in bar passage and in the practice of law.

In SSI workshops, you will receive instruction on preparing for class, critical reading, synthesizing cases, creating outlines/flowcharts, studying for exams, and writing exam answers. SSI participants will complete two mock exams during the semester and receive individual feedback on their exam writing skills.

Each SSI participant will be assigned an adjunct advisor, a practicing attorney and often a Dayton Law alum, to meet with individually on a weekly basis. During these weekly meetings, adjunct advisors will review and provide feedback to SSI participants on their study methods, course outlines, hypothetical problem and practice exam answers.

The Academic Success Program director is available throughout the summer to meet with you individually when needed to discuss specific strategies for maximizing your academic performance during your first semester of law school.

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