Project for Law and Business Ethics Symposia

    The Project for Law and Business Ethics has brought together some of the best minds in business, academia and the legal profession to examine ethics in the business world.

    Women in Corporate Governance Symposium

    The Project for Law and Business Ethics hosted "Perspectives on Gender and Business Ethics: Women in Corporate Governance" in February 2011. This symposium examined the role of women in the governance of corporations and other business entities, and included perspectives from legal academics, practicing attorneys and corporate directors.

    Bailout Symposium

    The Project examined government bailouts of private institutions during "The Fallout from the Bailout: The Impact of the 2008 Bailout on Lending Regulation, Securities Regulation and Business Ethics" in March 2009. The program brought together academics, practitioners and regulators to discuss the legal implications and consequences of the government's focus on bailouts as a means to combat the current financial crisis.

    Ethical Compliance Symposium

    The Project for Law and Business Ethics hosted "Unearthing Corporate Wrongdoing: Detecting and Dealing with Ethical Breaches in the Business World" in October 2007. The program examined the responsibilities of corporate directors to monitor ethical wrongdoing within their companies and the role of internal and governmental investigations of ethical breaches.

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