Training the Next Generation of Leaders.

The world needs leaders. At Dayton Law we are investing in the leaders of tomorrow by offering a Full Tuition Scholarship for students admitted into our new Leadership Honors Program.

Our Investment

Since the founding of our nation, America’s lawyers have been society’s leaders, bravely advocating for social, political, and economic progress in communities, the halls of justice, and our political institutions.  Despite change and conflict, the country has excelled distinctively for over two centuries because its lawyers have made real the lofty aspiration of a society under law.  We want to do our part to carry on this proud tradition by investing in the next generation of lawyer-leaders with a Full Tuition Scholarship to our Leadership Honors Program.

Our Program

The Leadership Honors Program course of study culminates in both a Leadership Honors Program certificate and the Juris Doctorate. Leadership Honors Students undertake the full J.D. curriculum with other members of their graduating class. Students can complete the entire course of study in two years (for our Summer Start students), two-and-a-half, or three years (for our Fall Start students).

Students in the Leadership Honors Program participate in a specially-designed Graduated Leadership Sequence. In the first year, they will engage with national and international experts in law, governance and business in the Honors Roundtable Series to be chaired by former Governor Robert Taft. In the second year, students will take part in an innovative Leadership for Lawyers seminar at the University of Dayton's prestigious Center for Leadership. Finally, in the next-to-last semester, students will create their Leadership Legacy by working together on a project to help transform a community institution.

Students must stay in the top 30% of their class to remain in the Leadership Honors Program and they must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7 to maintain their Full Tuition Scholarship.

Inaugural Roundtable Series Speaker

Members of the Leadership Honors Program with Dean Andrew Strauss, LHP Director Susan Wawrose, Roundtable Chair former Ohio Governor Robert Taft and speaker Prof. Lawrence Lessig.

The LHP Roundtable Experience

Dayton Law students in the Leadership Honors Program were invited to sit down with recent UD Speaker Series presenter, Lawrence Lessig. Here's what they said about their experience.

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Our Nomination System

Students must be nominated—and cannot apply directly—to participate in the Leadership Honors Program. The minimum qualifications for consideration for the Leadership Honors Program are a 3.15 undergraduate GPA, a score of 152 on the Law School Admissions Test, and demonstrated leadership potential. 

Nominators are:

  1. Designated Alumni Nominators drawn from our distinguished alumni;
  2. Representatives from undergraduate institutions selected to be Designated Nominator Schools;
  3. Dean-designated Nominators; or the
  4. University of Dayton School of Law Nomination Committee.

Interested students who do not have a designated nominator should contact the University of Dayton School of Law's Office of Admissions at or 937-229-3555 for help in identifying one.

Students who are nominated for the Leadership Honors Program must also apply for admission to the School of Law. Please note that a prospective applicant may gain admission into the School of Law without being accepted into the Leadership Honors Program.

Graduated Leadership Sequence

2-year J.D. program - Summer starters

S = Semester

S1 - Summer Selected LHP Activities
S2 - Fall
S3 - Spring
Honors Roundtable Series
Small group sessions where Leadership Honors Students engage with Roundtable Presenters and prominent members of the bench and bar.
S4 - Fall Leadership for Lawyers Seminars

A custom-designed series offered only to our Leadership Honors Students by the University of Dayton's Center for Leadership.

Leadership Legacy Project
A final seminar where Leadership Honors Students connect with community leaders to leave their Leadership Legacy.
S5 - Spring Leadership for Lawyers Seminars


2½-year J.D. program - Fall starters

S = Semester

S1 - Fall
S2 - Spring
Honors Roundtable Series 
S3 - Fall Leadership for Lawyers Seminars
S4 - Spring Leadership for Lawyers Seminars

Leadership Legacy Project (2½-year only)
S5 - Fall Leadership Legacy Project (3-year only)
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