Prof. Brenner & Her New Book on Cybercrime

Professor Susan BrennerSusan Brenner, NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology, teaches, writes and speaks about a subject that she is very passionate about: cybercrime. Brenner teaches courses on cybercrime and cyberlaw in the Program in Law and Technology. In her courses, students learn how to apply the law that governs civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions involving the Internet.  

Brenner’s latest book Cybercrime and the Law: Challenges, Issues and Outcomes, was published this fall by Northeastern University Press. The book examines the increase in cybercrimes over the past decade, describes the legal issues that are unique to investigations in a digital environment, and explains how cyberspace erodes the differences that have long distinguished crime from terrorism and warfare. She is also the author of Law in an Era of Smart Technology, Cyberthreats: Emerging Fault Lines of the Nation-State and Cybercrime: Criminal Threats from Cyberspace.  

An internationally renowned speaker, Brenner regularly shares her cybercrime expertise with law enforcement, business and legal professionals in the United States and abroad, including at Interpol Cybercrime Conferences, the Middle East IT Security Conference and the Harvard International Law Journal’s 2012 symposium.  

This fall, Brenner presented an overview of U.S. cybercrime law at an expert seminar organized and presented by the Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Education and Research and held at the Institute of Criminal Law at the University of Leuven’s Faculty of Criminal Law in Leuven, Belgium. Following her presentation, Brenner participated in a daylong analysis of how Belgium’s criminal procedure law could be revised to address cybercrime cases. 

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