Prof. Dennis Greene & His New Book on Law and Entertainment

Professor Dennis GreeneProfessor Dennis Greene teaches entertainment law in the Program in Law and Technology at the University of Dayton School of Law. He also teaches a film course Politics, Race and Gender in the Hollywood Film at the University of Dayton.

Prior to teaching, Greene had a successful and lengthy career in the entertainment industry, where, among other things, he co-founded the musical group Sha Na Na and appeared in the movies Woodstock and Grease. Today, he brings his love of performing in front of an audience to the classroom.

Greene said he appreciates how the university setting allows him to converge his interests in music, film, literature and teaching. Higher education, he said, is a "provocative environment intellectually" where "students show a great deal of interest in learning and working in the area of intellectual property."

This fall, he published a new book The Law and Business of the Entertainment Industry, which provides an inside look at the factors involved in any transaction in the entertainment industry. The book examines transactional issues in publishing, music, movies, television and theater, as well as legal issues related to copyright law, right of publicity and negotiations.

In October, Greene gave a presentation "Digital Technology: From Academia to Hollywood, Its Ability to Disrupt, to Redefine and to Empower Us All" at The Salon, a University of Dayton faculty colloquium series. The presentation was designed to be provocative and stimulate discussion about the impact that technology has had on the business models of the film, music and education industries. Greene discussed how these industries have reconciled and accommodated digital technologies despite their initial disruptive influences.

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