Prof. Thaddeus Hoffmeister & His New Book on Social Media

Professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister

Professor Hoffmeister specializes in criminal law and is particularly interested in the impact of social media on criminal law. He initially became interested in this area when he saw how social media impacted jurors. Professor Hoffmeister further explores this subject in his blogs--one dedicated to jury issues at and another focusing on the impact and growing importance of social media in criminal cases at

Prior to his teaching career, Professor Hoffmeister had a successful and lengthy career in public service, which included time spent in the U.S. military and as a staff member in the U.S. House of Representatives. He notes that his earlier roles helped him realize “the importance of teaching practical skills” while providing unique insight into “the impact of law on both the micro and macro level.”  When asked what he likes most about teaching at Dayton Law, Professor Hoffmeister remarked that “the students here are very thoughtful and appreciative of the one-on-one contact with their professors. I can't tell you how many students have sent me thank you cards for working with them on their moot court briefs or for writing a letter of recommendation.”

Outside of the classroom, Professor Hoffmeister is an accomplished writer. Most recently, he published a chapter entitled Crimes, Prosecution, and Evidence in PLI's new treatise Social Media and the Law.  Additionally, his new book, Social Media in the Courtroom: A New Era for Criminal Justice, was published this year. 

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