David Brock '02

Partner, DeFur Voran LLP
Muncie, Indiana

David Brock '02 was a pastor in the Friends Church for over 25 years before coming to law school. When the national health insurance program for Friends pastors and other employees failed because of fraud on the part of the trustee of the benefits fund, he was deeply involved in trying to resolve that problem, working with attorneys, including the assistant U.S. attorney in Seattle. In the process, he saw many good lawyers doing a lot to help people resolve difficult problems. During this same time, he felt it was time to tackle a new professional challenge.

Attending Dayton Law was a great experience with wonderful acceptance from administrators, faculty and students, Brock said.

After working the two summers during law school for DeFur Voran LLP in Muncie, Indiana, he began working full time for them after graduating in 2002. On January 1, 2007, he became a partner in the firm. His practice areas are estate planning, estate administration, business law and banking law.