Registration Information

There are several steps in the School of Law's registration process and a variety of policies to keep in mind as you complete the registration process. We have outlined the following information for you to use as a guide to registration, but you are always free to contact us if you have questions.

Spring Registration Information

All documents are available in PDF format.

Spring 2016 Course list
Spring 2016 Course Grid
Spring 2016 Booklist and Bookstore Information
Spring 2016 Registration Instructions & Dates
Spring 2016 Curriculum Counseling for upper-level students
Spring 2016 Curriculum Counseling for Summer 2015 Starters

Notes on courses for Spring 2016:


Fall and Summer Registration Information

All documents are available in PDF format.

Fall 2016 and Summer 2016 Registration Dates and Information
Fall 2016 Curriculum Counseling for 2017 Grads
Fall 2016 Curriculum Counseling for 2018 Grads
Fall 2016 Course List
Fall 2016 Course Grid
Fall 2016 Booklist and Bookstore Information

Notes on courses for Fall 2016:
Electronic Discovery
Legal Innovations Lab
White Collar Crime  - Distance Education Course
Law and the Internet of Things

Summer 2016 Course List
Summer 2016 Course Grid
Summer 2016 Booklist and Bookstore Information

Notes on courses for Summer 2016:
EU Data Privacy Law
Remedies: Special Announcement



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Registration Requirements

Credit hour requirement: All students must earn at least 90 semester credit hours of law school work. Credit for at least 70 semester hours must be earned in courses with regularly scheduled class sessions.

Full-time law study: All students must spend at least five semesters in residence enrolled in not less than 12 semester credit hours and not more than 18 semester credit hours in any semester.


Right to cancel: The School of Law reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course for lack of student interest or suitable instructor.

Class size limitations: Many courses have maximum size limitation. Registration for these courses will be on a first-to-register basis.

Closed courses and wait lists: Waiting lists will be taken at the time of registration for closed courses. If a student’s name is placed on a waiting list for a closed course, he or she should be aware of any special registration requirements and must be qualified to add the course should an opening occur. Students on wait lists will be contacted as seats become available.

Multiple sections: In courses of multiple sections, School of Law policy prohibits registration of more than 60 percent of the total enrollment in any one section. When necessary to comply with this policy, reassignments will be made upon the basis of the inverse order of registration.

Schedule Changes or Cancellations

Dropping and Adding Courses

Courses may be added after initial registration, up to the first day of the semester.

Dropping or adding a course may be done in Porches until the start of the semester. Once the semester starts, upper-level students must submit a drop/add form or email the Registrar's office. Drops and adds will not be processed until the form has been received by the registrar. Students are responsible for any consequences that may result from not submitting the appropriate form in a timely manner. This does not apply to first-year students since the registrar schedules their required classes.

Students may drop a class before the first day of the semester without any penalty.  See the cancellations and refunds schedule below. Drops without record may occur until the end of the fourth week of classes. The last day to drop a class with record (a “W” will be the assigned grade for the course) is the end of the seventh week of classes.

Students will not be permitted to drop or change credit/audit status of a course after any assignment figured in the final grade of the course has been submitted.

Forms are available in the Administrative Office, 203 Keller Hall.

Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Please go to the Leave of Absence and Withdrawal page for details on leave of absences and withdrawals.

Cancellations and Refunds

Please go to the Refunds page for details on Cancellations and Tuition Refunds.

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