Network and Computing Policies

Before setting up your laptop or using the computer lab in the Zimmerman Law Library, you should read and understand the University of Dayton's policies in the following categories:

Fair and Acceptable Use Policy

UD's IT Policies, Forms and Guidelines » 
Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Use Policy (pdf)

The University of Dayton has a policy against any illegal file sharing. The University of Dayton School of Law has its own policy regarding this issue that prohibits UDSL students from having any Peer-to-Peer software on their computers, as P2P software supports illegal file-sharing. In order to remove the software, we require your hard drive be erased and restored using the computer manufacturer's recovery process.

Connecting to UDwireless

Internet access requires authentication with your LDAP/Novell username and password.  You can login to the network from the Cisco NAC agent (the most efficient and effective method) or via a web authentication page.  Prior to July 1, 2013 Windows users were required to have an antivirus product with current definitions and Windows Updates enabled for Internet access.  It is in your best interest to keep your system updated and maintain current definitions on your antivirus product.  The University may block your network access if you have an infected machine that you repeatedly connect to the campus network.

The Cisco NAC Agent is available from or via the web authentication page that appears when you launch a web browser that detects you are not already logged into the network.


All law students have printing accounts. Students receive 500 free printer pages per semester. After you use your 500 pages, you may purchase additional pages for $5 per 100 pages. The 500 initial pages do not carry over from semester to semester. Additional purchased pages, however, do carry over for one semester, provided that you are enrolled in classes.

All printing should be picked up the same day from the printers located in the computer lab, room 212R. Any print jobs left until the next day will be discarded and pages will not be reimbursed.

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Using the Computer Lab

The computer lab is located in the Zimmerman Law Library, room 212R. 

No food or drink, of any kind, is allowed in the lab. Drinks in containers approved for use in the library are prohibited.

The computer lab is for currently enrolled UDSL students only. No children are allowed in the lab even if they are supervised.

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