Affirmative Action: Recruiting and Advancing Minorities, Women, Persons with Disabilities, and Veterans

The Affirmative Action office serves all students, staff, and faculty at the University of Dayton.

What is "affirmative action," and why and how does it apply at UD?

The University of Dayton is considered to be a “federal contractor,” which is defined as any institution that receives more than $50,000 per year in federal contracting dollars and has more than 50 employees.  As such, the University must comply with all regulations implementing equal opportunity and affirmative action in the University's hiring practices.  This requires conducting good faith professional searches to ensure that all qualified individuals are afforded equal opportunity to be considered for employment at the University.  Searches therefore must be accompanied by adequate outreach and recruitment efforts to attract qualified individuals, so that a diverse applicant pool is created for available jobs.  And searches must be methodically conducted, such that each job application is carefully assessed to determine whether all of the minimum requirements for a job posting are met, and whether any of the preferred qualifications are met as well.  Because of affirmative action requirements, the University does not treat a job applicant who does not meet a job’s minimum requirements more favorably than job applicants who do meet the minimum requirements listed for a job.

Affirmative action and the hiring process

One of the most tangible ways the Affirmative Action office assists staff and faculty is through the job search process.  The office participates in pre-search meetings with the hiring chair, to go over how postings should be constructed, and how next steps (such as rating applicants) should be done in order to comply with affirmative action requirements.  The Minimum and Preferred Qualifications Worksheet (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) can assist a hiring committee in tracking whether applicants meet the minimum requirements and preferred qualifications for a job.  Before applicants can be interviewed, the Affirmative Action Officer must approve such requests for interviews. 

What else?

Besides ensuring the University’s compliance with affirmative action and equal employment opportunity requirements, the Affirmative Action office serves as a resource in resolving employee-management conflict and information on University policies and procedures.  The office also serves as a liaison for the University with state and federal administrative agencies charged with responsibility for enforcing equal opportunity and affirmative action.  


If you have questions regarding the role of affirmative action requirements at the University, please feel free to contact the University of Dayton's Affirmative Action Officer, Patsy Bernal-Olson, at 937-229-4333 or

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